Since dictatorship still persists in Asia even at this time, like-minded individuals from various Asian countries and peoples have come together now with the aim of achieving freedom and democracy and to establish the right of self-determination of peoples. Overcoming the differences in our standpoints, we work together freely and on equal terms, through the exchange of information and opinions to build relationships of mutual trust and strengthen our solidarity, driven by the goal of laying the foundations for a “Prosperous and Peaceful Asia” built on “Freedom and Democracy”.

The Asian Council for Solidarity and Democracy, with the support of everybody, is working for ”Freedom and Democracy in Asia”
– By organizing and sponsoring lectures, symposiums, and seminars etc
– By inviting each other to relevant events and participating together to promote mutual personal and cultural understanding
– By raising public awareness of the status of human rights violations in Asia by means of joint press conferences and the like
– By informing and educating about the current situation through occasional and periodic publications and the internet

Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy

Pema Gyalpo

Vice Chairman
Seki Hei
Khuvisgalt Khereid
Kohyu Nishimura
Yoshida Koichiro

Senior Managing Director
Ilham Mahmut

Secretary general
Fumie Furukawa