The Council’s Statement of Solidarity with the Pro-Democracy Movement of Hong Kong : Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy

The Council’s Statement of Solidarity with the Pro-Democracy Movement of Hong Kong

On August 31st of this year, the Chinese government determined that for the Hong Kong Chief Executive election scheduled 3 years from now in 2017, the1200-member “nominating committee” would select electoral candidates, which would effectively preclude free candidacy.
This is in fact a destructive act against Hong Kong’s basic democracy which was guaranteed by ”One Country, Two Systems”, and equivalent to a declaration made by China itself to formally enforce subordination of Hong Kong to Communist dictatorship.

In response to the above, students and citizens of Hong Kong, striving to reform the corrupt traditional government, have continued with their peaceful movement of resistance.
Although their methods around “Occupy Central” has faced some controversy, the basic demands of their movement advocating democracy are only natural, where freedom, human rights, and democracy rooted in the spirit of autonomy are elements universally shared by the world.
They have been recognized by international human rights treaties and the Charter of the United Nations, and the Chinese government has the obligation to comply with such fundamental spirit of the international community.
We, the Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy, support Hong Kong’s democratic movement symbolizing promotion of democracy in Asia and resistance against dictatorship, and we hereby express our solidarity.

However, the Chief Executive, CY Leung who is in a position of close proximity with the Chinese government, has slandered the movement of resistance demanding democratic elections through peaceful means, by claiming that foreign forces have been involved in backing the protestors.
Such remarks run the risk of justifying involvement of and oppression by the Chinese government, and demonstrate contempt of the highest degree against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.
In order to achieve a peaceful resolution and the establishment of democratic elections, we have noted the following three points.

1. Carrying out the 2017 democratic election in Hong Kong is a natural right of the citizens and we, the Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy, express our support for and solidarity with the movement for democracy by the citizens of Hong Kong.

2. We ask for the incumbent Chief Executive of Hong Kong to express his will to adopt peaceful negotiations and ensure democratic elections.

3. The advocacy of freedom and democracy does not constitute interference with domestic affairs. We ask for the Japanese government to express to the international community that having the Chinese and Hong Kong governments reach a peaceful resolution that realizes a free and democratic 2017 election is necessary for peace and prosperity in Asia and the Chinese government to gain international trust.

October 22, 2014

Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy

Pema Gyalpo

Deputy Chairman
Ilham Mahmut


香港民主化運動に連帯する協議会声明 : アジア自由民主連帯協議会