Statement to protest to North Korea’s nuclear test

On January 14, the North Korean government declared that they succeeded in an H-bomb test. According to the investigation of related countries such as Japan, United States and South Korea, a possibility of H-bomb test is not strong.

However, even if it was not an H-bomb test, it is certain that North Korea resumed a nuclear test and provoked the international society for military purposes.

We strongly oppose such action from our viewpoint that we must protect peace in Asia.

On the same day, the Japanese government declared that an enforcement of the nuclear test in North Korea clearly violates related resolutions of the UN Security Council such as the resolution no.2094, and that it is a serious challenge against an authority of the Security Council. Japanese government also told that the test violates the Japan-North Korea joint statement and the joint communique of the six party talks, and that the action runs counter to efforts to resolve the issue by dialogues. Furthermore, the Japanese government stated that it made a strong protest against North Korea and severely criticized what North Korea did. We support such position in principle and request UN Security Council to declare its firm will against military provocations by North Korea.

What we should not forget are the facts that the North Korean government abducted Japanese people and citizens of other countries, and blew up an airplane of Korean Air Lines. It is a nation of terrorists that infringes human rights both in the country and abroad. The actual situation is showed clearly in the final report of COI on human rights in North Korea which was submitted in 2014.

On December 18, 2015, a resolution on human rights situation in North Korea, which was submitted by EU and Japan, was approved by an overwhelming majority. The protests and sanctions against North Korea must be means not only to deal with nuclear tests and the expansion of armaments, but also to solve the issues of abduction and to improve human rights situations.

We protest against the North Korean government, and request the Japanese government and the international society the followings.

1 We demand the government of North Korea to stop nuclear tests which are the great menace to the peace in Asia, and to immediately abandon a policy to give military affairs the highest priority that lays a heavy burden on people in North Korea and brings about starvation.

1 We demand the government of North Korea to accept UN inspectors of human rights, to respond sincerely to the report on human rights which the United Nations has pointed out, and to stop violations of human rights in political concentration camps immediately.

1 We demand the government of North Korea to free abductees and to apology sincerely for the acts of terrorism of the past. We consider that the abduction of citizens of other countries is the act of terrorism that takes life of people by force.

1 We ask the UN Security Council and the international society to request North Korea to solve not only the nuclear issues but also the human rights issues mentioned above. We also ask the UN Security Council and the international society to express the determination to impose every international sanction if the improvement is not seen.

1 We ask the Japanese government to make a protest against nuclear tests of North Korea and to take new original sanctions. At that time, from a point of view of the sovereignty and the diplomacy that takes human rights seriously, please demand the government of North Korea to improve human rights situations in the country and to free all the people who were abducted as well as to solve the issue of nuclear weapons.

January 11, 2016

Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy

Pema Gyalpo


北朝鮮の核実験に抗議するアジア自由民主連帯協議会 声明文