Statement for Chinese Residents in Japan in Opposition to APA Hotels’ “Censorship”

Statement for Chinese Residents in Japan in Opposition to APA Hotels’ “Censorship”

On February 6, a protest was held in Tokyo against APA Hotels by Chinese residents in Japan. From the standpoint of protecting the freedoms of speech, expression, and thought, we have no intention to deny the political activities of these Chinese residents. We also consider the contents of the books placed in APA Hotels’ guest rooms, the protests through speech, and also the intent to not stay at such hotels to be completely their choice.

However, from the same standpoint, we find it inexcusable to deny the freedom of speech of the managers of the private business that is APA Hotels. What we especially wish to appeal to all of the Chinese residents who have participated in these protests with is that everyone’s conduct and speech is guaranteed. Furthermore, Japan’s police force will make it their responsibility in their professional duties to guard these protesters. In addition, such freedoms show the stark difference of situations between a nation ruled by law and those Chinese whose homeland is under dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party.

The opponent that everyone should be raising their voices against is the Chinese government who is taking the freedoms of speech and political activities away from the people of this country. It is then that a liberal democracy can come to be in homeland China, free speech will be recognized, and for the first time historical disputes and dialogues between Japan and China can have meaning. I am sure that everyone is more familiar than I with what sort of acts the same Chinese government that propagates Japan’s brutalities carried out in Tiananmen, Uygur, Tibet, and Southern Mongolia. It is the dictatorship of the Chinese government that everyone should be protesting against. Seeking true friendship between Japan and China and realizing a democratic China with the freedom to recognize the freedom of speech no matter where you stand should be a common goal for both nations.

February 8, 2017
Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy Chairman Pema Gyalpo