Statement of Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracyic to solidify Hong Kong citizens and protest against Unfair oppression

Currently, merciless oppression is being held against citizens and students seeking to protect Hong Kong’s freedom. The demands of students and citizens is a legitimate movement protesting the amendment of the fugitive criminal law (A law that allows unconditionally handing over people from Hong Kong to the dictatorship, including Chinese democratic activists, and those who oppose the ruling of the Chinese Communist Party) that trample on the principle of so-called one-country-two system that the Chinese Communist Party government should have originally acknowledged.

However, due to the pressure of the Communist Party of China, the Hong Kong government has begun suppression using tear gas, rubber bullets, and so on in response to protests by legitimate citizens and students, which may lead to the second Tiananmen Square incident. Should we again witness the tragedy in 1989 when students and citizens seeking democracy were slaughtered at Tiananmen Square?

We, Asia Liberal Democratic Solidarity Council, as a group aiming to establish freedom and democracy in Asia, express heartfelt solidarity to students and citizens seeking freedom and democracy in Hong Kong. And we would like the world’s democratic countries, and all those who believe in freedom and the value of democracy to make a dramatic protest together against the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship and the Hong Kong government.
And at the end of this June, the G20 will be held here in Japan. On the principle of human rights diplomacy, and also for the success of the G20, the Japanese government should urge the Chinese government to stop the suppression of human rights and respect democracy in Hong Kong. That should be the attitude to be taken by Japan, a free democratic country in Asia.

In China today, suppression of the democratization movement, concealment of the Tiananmen Square incident, de facto ethnic genocide in Uyghur, Tibet, Mongolia, and so on are rampant. We should pose these human rights issues to President Xi Jinping at G20 meetings. That should become an encouragement to everyone who are suffering under the current oppression, and will contribute to the future Japan-China friendship in a true sense.

The Asia Liberal Democratic Solidarity Council seeks the following three points to the Chinese Communist Party government, the Hong Kong government and the Japanese government

1, The Chinese government and the Hong Kong government should accept students and citizens’ legitimate demands, and abolish the fugitive criminal law that violates the so-called one country and two systems.

1, The Chinese government should stop all political pressure and violent suppression against Hong Kong.

1, The Japanese government should support the legitimate demands of Hong Kong citizens and request an immediate halt of the Chinese Communist Party’s various human rights suppression and ethnic genocide in the G20.

June 14, 2019
Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracyic
Chairman Pema Galpo